What You Need to Know About Entering Russia as a Tourist

russian visa

For foreigners planning to visit Russia, you will need to accomplish a visa application and send it over to the Russian Embassy of the country you’re applying from before your chosen date of travel. If you’re coming from the UK and you’re 12 or older, you are required to submit your biometric fingerprints at any of the application centres found in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

When your visa gets approved, you need to double-check the information stated, such as the duration of your visa and your passport number to avoid encountering issues. You also need to recognise the policies regarding your travel visa to ensure everything is in order.

Like all other countries, Russia is strict about visa concerns—so you should do your best to adhere to the terms and conditions and avoid getting in trouble, especially regarding immigration laws. If you stay in the country past your visa’s expiry date, be prepared to face the consequences, which could lead to deportation and banning. 

Keep reading below to know more information about getting a Russia visa.

Visa Processing

Once you submit your Russia tourist visa application, you can expect the processing time for standard services to reach twenty business days, while urgent services to be as fast as three days. But it will ultimately rely on the kind of visa you choose to apply for and the condition of your application!

Passport Concerns

It’s crucial to note that when it comes to applying for a Russian visa, your passport has to remain valid at least six months after the expiry date of your visa. Take note that you will not be accepted past the immigration if you plan to fly to Russia even with a new valid passport when your visa is attached to your old expired passport. 

To avoid facing problems during your Russia trip, you should take note of the expiry date of your passport and get a passport renewal in advance. That way, you can enter Russia without worrying about being stopped at the immigration!

In Case of Emergencies

In the event that you lose your passport or someone steals it while you’re in Russia, you have to acquire a police report from the closest station and obtain a UK Emergency Travel Document (ETD). When you’ve secured an ETD, only then can you apply for an exit visa to go home.

In addition to your valid Russian visa, an ETD is considered an entry, landside transit, and exit from Russia. Depending on your situation, the authorities in charge will include a Russia visa in an ETD. Meanwhile, UK ETDs that don’t involve a visa will only be valid for airside transit cases, so it’s best to ask your travel agent or airline about your travel route!

Immigration Cards

Similar to most countries, when you arrive in Russia, you will have to fill out an immigration card which you will receive at passport control. It comes in two copies because one copy will be handed over to the immigration officer. Meanwhile, you have to hold on to the other copy in case your flight back to your country becomes delayed. It’s an essential travel record because without it, you may not be permitted to enter hotels, hostels, and other accommodations.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ensue worldwide, you have to check with the Russian embassy first regarding travel restrictions and other guidelines that tourists require to follow. Before you spend time preparing for your visa application, make sure to organise all the necessary documents, have a valid passport, and be cautious about emergencies at all times. 

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