Want to Visit Vietnam? Here’s How to Apply for a Visa

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Vietnam is a very beautiful country to travel to, especially if you are looking to experience a burst of culture. The beaches, the cuisine, and the gorgeous scenery are only some of the many reasons you should visit Vietnam.

However, visiting Vietnam may require a visa, depending on where you are from. If you are interested in visiting Vietnam, read on to learn more about their visa requirements.

Will I Be Needing a Visa?

As mentioned above, some countries are required by Vietnam to have a visa when visiting. Vietnam’s visa exceptions are mostly extended to some African countries and a good part of Asia. However, those people coming from Europe and North America will be needing a visa.

What Are The Steps in Applying for a Visa?

If you are worried about the steps needed to take when applying for a Vietnam visa, we at Travcour VLS will be glad to help you with that. With our services online, we have made it easier for you to apply for a Vietnam visa in just the following steps:

Step 1

Visit our website and enter your country of destination and purpose of travel. After hitting search, a number of results will appear for different types of visas. Make sure to choose the one that is meant for you (e.g., tourist visa if you plan to travel to Vietnam for a vacation).

Click on your selected visa type and download our visa application form. Make sure to check all the requirements we ask for, which include the order form, a 1×1 passport photo, your passport and the visa application form.

Step 2

After securing that you have all of that on hand, print out all forms and fill them in with a black pen. For questions regarding the form, feel free to contact us—this service is free of charge.

Once you have filled out the form, mail it back to us. Ideally, you should use a secure mailing service to protect your personal information included in the forms.

Step 3

When you receive your approval letter, make sure to print it out in colour. Once done, bring it along with your passport and two other passport photos. You also have to ensure that your passport has at least six blank pages when travelling.

After you have arrived in Vietnam, they may require you to fill out an entry/exit form before stamping your passport. Once you have presented all your documents and paid the cash fee for the stamping, you have been cleared and you can now enter the country.

If you have any further questions about the fees and requirements that you will be needing to enter Vietnam and receive an approved visa, feel free to consult with us. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have when it comes to visiting Vietnam.


Applying for a visa may seem like a scary and complex process, but we can assure you that it is not as hard as you may think. Just follow our steps above and you will get through it in no time. Before you know it, you will be walking around the roads of Vietnam!

If you need more visa services in the UK, we at Travcour VLS will be glad to help you out with that! We also offer legislation and passport application services. Get in touch with us and go on that dream vacation of yours!