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CHINESE visas take 3-4 working days to issue at the embassy.
Visas can only be applied for within 3 months of your planned entry into China.
Please note that if you are aged between 14-70, you will be required to attend the application centre in London for fingerprinting on the day of submission so we will liase with you to select the best date for you.

How To Make An Application

Download The Visa Form

Download the visa application form from this web page. You can then save it to your computer and print off.

Fill In The Form

Print out and begin filling in the form with a black pen. If you have any questions regarding the form, please call us for advice free of charge. We are more than happy to help you.

Send Us The Form

Send the application along with any additional documents mentioned on the form. It is best to post it using a secure service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery or another courier company.

What To Include In Your Application

Tourist Visa Application
Downloaded from above, printed, completed and signed in Capital Letters with a black pen and sent back to Travcour

It must be valid for at least the next 6 months when you apply for the visa, with at least two blank pages remaining. The passport should be in acceptable condition. If not there is a chance your application would be rejected.

Passport Photo

The photo should be (45mm x 35mm). Must not have any jewellery showing, Must not be the same as the picture displayed in your passport, Must show eyes, eyebrows and ears and Only non-rimmed glasses can be worn in the photo.

Proof Of Stay

Hotel booking confirmation. Must cover your full stay in mainland China.

Flight Tickets

Flight booking confirmation. Flights in and out of Hong Kong do not suffice without showing onward or return flights from mainland China.

Copy Of Previous Visas

For applicants that have had previous trips to China, please provide a copy of the last Chinese visa – if in a different passport to the one being supplied, you must also send a copy of the ID page that it is in. If this cannot be supplied, you must supply a typed letter to explain why you no longer have the visa copy/passport.

Please Also Include

Applicants with dual nationality must provide both national passports.

If you were born in any other country to the nationality of the passport provided, you must provide a copy of the
passport for the country you were born in (even if expired) or provide a typed letter to explain why you do not
have that national passport.

Applicants under the age of 18 will need to provide the childs original (full version) birth certificate along with copies of both parents passports and a letter of consent signed by both parents.

Visa Application Form

Download, Print and Fill in the form

The form is in PDF format. When you have downloaded the form, please print it out and fill it in by pen. Kindly ensure all the fields of the visa application form are completely filled before submitting. If a question does not apply, please put ‘N/A’. You must fill in the form with black ink and using BLOCK CAPITALS.

Further Information
Visa Application

All nationals with UK residency can apply through our service. Those who do not have UK residency must apply in their resident country. The following nationals do NOT require a visa:
For stays of up to 30 days to; Bahamas, Ecuador, Fiji, Grenada, Mauritius, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles & Tonga
For stays of up to days to; Singapore, Brunei and Japan
Foreigners who have confirmed onward tickets and seats on international flights and directly transit through China and stay for no more than 24 hours within the airport boundaries do not need to apply for a transit visa. However, anyone desiring to go beyond the airport boundaries temporarily should obtain permission from the immigration authorities at the airport.

Health Notice

Compulsory vaccinations: Yellow fever certificate if arriving from infected areas. Travellers making 3 or more visits per year, stays of more than 3 months in a rural area, high-risk occupational groups & backpackers staying more than 1 month are advised to have the following recommended immunisations: Cholera, Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Japanese B Encephalitis, Malaria, TB, Tetanus & Typhoid.
Malaria exists mainly in Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, Sichuan, Tibet (only the valley of the Zangbo River in the extreme south east) & Yunnan. There is no malaria risk in urban areas or in the densely populated plain areas. Tourists do not need to take preventative treatment unless they plan to stay in remote rural areas.

Weather Information

Northern China: in the far north, summers are cooler than the rest of Northern China, which are generally humid and wet. Winters are cold & temperatures can freeze waterways for several months. In the northeast, including Beijing, summers are hot, winters cold with frost and snow.
Northwest China: this area is mostly desert with little rain. Summers are hot and winters cold, made worse by bitter icy winds.
Central China: generally warmer than the north with rain spread throughout the year. Summer months (Jul-Oct) are the wettest making conditions humid & along the coast, typhoons can occur. Winters have periods of rain or cold and frosty with occasional snow.
Southern China: the warmest and wettest region especially between Jun-Sep and in coastal areas where typhoons can occur. Inland regions of Southern China are mountainous with cooler summers and rain in higher areas; winters are sunny with little rain.
Southwest China: Tibet is a region of high mountains and plateaus & generally the weather is sunny and crisp, although summer months are wet and winter months cold and frosty.

Additional Information

How can I apply for a Tibet permit?
Tibet visas are normally obtained by your tour operator but if travelling independantly please contact the Tourist Bureau of Tibet and obtain approval before applying for a Chinese visa.
If you are travelling to Tibet via Nepal you can only apply for the visa from the Chinese Embassy in Katmandu.
Do I need to come to London to give fingerprints?
All applicants aged over 14 or under 70 years of age must supply fingerprints. As we only service the centre in London, should you need to attend a different centre, we will not be able to assist you.
I have given fingerprints to Chinese immigration before, do I need to do so again?
Yes, all new applications require a fingerprint.
Why should I use an agent?
The Chinese visa application is a complex form and many require assistance with it or face rejection when submitting it. We can avoid the application being refused on submission and even complete the online application for you. We do not require an appointment and attend daily so you can get your visa faster. We will chaperone you whilst at the application centre providing your fingerprints.
Unfortunately, we can only assist those who are using our services. If you are applying independantly, please contact the relevant application centre for advisement.
What size photo is required?
The photo must be uploaded onto your application form online so you will require a digital photo on a white background sized 33mm×48mm.

Location of China: Asia
Local Time in China: GMT+8
Capital City of China: Beijing (Peking)
Population of China: 1,3 billion
Language(s) spoken in China: Chinese, Mandarin, many dialects including Cantonese and Fujianese
Dialling Code for China: 86
Emergency numbers in China: Police: 110. Fire: 119. Ambulance: 120 (Beijing)
Electricity in China: 220V AC 50Hz
Currency of China: Yuan Renminbi (CNY 1 = 100 Fen or 10 Jiao)
Notes: CNY: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. Jiao: 1, 2, 520,
Coins: CNY: 1. Fen: 1, 2, 5. Jiao: 1, 5
Credit Cards/Travellers Cheques: Credit cards are accepted at tourist hotels or tourist shops in major cities. Local currency is only available in exchange for travellers cheques in China and Hong Kong
Opening Hours in China:
Bank: 0900-1200 & 1400-1700 Mon-Fri
Office: 0800-1130 & 1300-1700 Mon-Fri
Shops: 0900-1900 Mon-Sun