Top 6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Rwanda in 2021


Rwanda is a fabulous destination for wildlife and adventure. The African country has a rich history and heritage—truly a dream destination for many individuals. 

However, tourism is complicated these days. You must follow COVID-19 protocols. Currently, It is illegal to travel abroad from the UK for the holidays. If you are travelling from the UK, you need to have a declaration form, and your reason to travel abroad must be valid. So, if you do plan to visit Rwanda in the future, here are reasons why you should fly to this beautiful country. 

You’ll love the mountain gorillas and the lions

The mountain gorillas are these marvellous creatures living in Volcanoes National Park in the far northwest of the country. The Volcanoes National Park is situated against Virunga National Park in the DRC and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda. They create one cross-border expanse of wildlife many tourists love. 

Aside from the gorillas, Akagera National Park is home to lions, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and leopards. Those who want to hear the roar and growl in the night can go on safari adventures. Despite intense poaching and subsistence hunting during Rwanda’s 90s, the park has recovered considerably since 2009. Seven South African lions were introduced in 2015, and 20 black rhinos were brought in. Since then, the populations of both species have grown significantly.

There may be no sea, but there are plenty of lakes

Rwanda has a great lake of its own: Lake Kivu. It may be the second smallest of the African Great Lakes, but it is still worth visiting. Visit it in the afternoon or relax along its riverbanks. You can rest on this lake as a stop on your way to the Nyungwe and Volcanoes National Parks. 

Watch the chimpanzees leap from branch to branch

There are other parks you can visit in Rwanda. One of them is the Nyungwe Forest National Park which offers a dense patch of pristine jungle where chimpanzees leap from branch to branch. It also has over 300 beautiful bird species for those who love nature. This park may be remote and undeveloped, but tourists can still enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are volcanoes in Rwanda

From the name itself, the Volcanoes National Park contains several fire-breathing peaks. In fact, five of the eight volcanoes which give the ridgeline of the Virunga Mountains are situated in this park. Mount Karisimbi is the tallest of these volcanoes.  You can go on a hiking trip here, which may take up to two days. 

You can fly direct from Britain

Rwanda is considered to be one of the unreachable areas in Africa. It was not easy to travel to this area until Rwanda was directly linked to the UK.

It’s a safe place

Rwanda is a country that you can safely travel to. Its capital, Kigali, is a sprawling metropolis with much to be found—like many major African cities. However, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has warned tourists about exploring its shared borders with the DRC and Burundi. Overall, however, Rwanda is a fairly safe place. 


Rwanda has become quite a destination. Its lush forests and active wildlife can all make a memorable vacation. It’s also a great place to hike and be one with nature. Plan your next trip now so you can explore the beautiful country of Rwanda when restriction ease.

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