Stress-Free Visa Application: How to Apply in Advance

Visa Application

Nothing beats travelling to your dream destination for a long and fun vacation. That is until you come to face the stress of last-minute preparations. As the holiday season approaches, you will be left with too many things on your plate most of the time. Booking a plane ride, finding the perfect accommodation, figuring out your OOTD, and making sure everything is in order sounds like a great diversion from work if you have the time. However, not everyone has that luxury.

Add to that your visa application if you are planning to travel outside the country. You can prepare for everything else, but you will have no vacation to enjoy without an approved visa. The good news is that you can beat the deadline by applying for your visa ahead of time.

Below are some tips on how to have a stress-free experience for early visa application. 

1. Double-check your country’s visa application schedule

Most countries accept applications 90 days before the actual travel dates. Check whether the country you are visiting has the same setup. If it does, then why wait for the deadline when you can apply early? Applying ahead of time will leave you less room for worries and more time to enjoy.

2. Familiarise yourself with the visa turnaround time

Remember that every country has a different timeline for visa processing. If you want to have yours within the schedule, know how the timing works for your chosen destination. This is essential, especially if you are applying at the last minute or during peak season. During this time, turnaround times may extend due to the volume of people, and you need to make sure you will get your approval before your target schedule. 

3. Prepare and complete your requirements

Besides the application form, there are other requirements that each country will request from the applicant. Make sure to check the list, accomplish all necessary documents, and bring them along with your complete application form. More importantly, ensure that your passport is valid six months beyond your return date. 

4. Come on time

You would not want to miss your slot, so make sure to arrive on time. You need to be at the venue at least 15 minutes before your schedule. This is also so you do not feel rushed and stressed out. With enough breathing time, you can emotionally and physically prepare yourself. You can have time to double-check your documents and proceed with the process calmly. 


Visa application is an integral part of travel. It serves as your permission to enter a foreign country in a specified amount of time. Applying for one can be stressful, but there is always a way to do so without unnecessary stress and drama. Early preparation helps you manage problems more efficiently because you already have the solutions at hand. In case any issues arise during your visa application, you can always try again because you have enough time.

Whether you are getting an India visa, China visa, or Egypt visa, we can help. Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services Limitedis a visa and passport application specialist that can guarantee you a fast and pain-free application. In only three simple steps, you can enjoy a hassle-free visit to the country of your choice. 

Visa Application