Secret to Securing a Visa: Avoid Committing These 5 Mistakes

Securing a Visa

Travelling is fun, but before experiencing pleasure, it requires a lot of planning, saving and filling out of documents. Some countries require a visa before you get to land in their territory. Visas are the permission granted by a sovereign nation to a traveller authorising them to enter their country for a specific purpose. Applying for one may sound daunting, but the truth is that as long as you follow and comply with the requirements, and you submit on time, you will be fine. 

Requirements and procedures for visa application per country may differ, but there are several common mistakes that applicants generally encounter that leads them to failure. If you are applying for a visa soon, take notes of these frequent errors. 

5 Visa Application Mistakes to Avoid

#1. Mismatching Information: Forms vs. the Official Documents

Visa application involves a lot of filling out of forms. Part of the process is the applicant sharing all the information requested from them. All these details should be in the right format, as indicated in their travel documentation. A little mistake on the information provided can already affect your application. This can be as simple as a misspelt name, wrong birthday or passport number, writing your name with the surname first or having support documents with your name in another format. 

These errors happen numerous times, and these inconsistencies can lead to your visa getting issued with incorrect information. 

#2. Forgetting to Check the Country-Specific Checklist

Visa application requires many paper works and to make sure that you do not miss anything, the best you can do is create a checklist. Errors usually occur when you neglect the list you created. Not double-checking your requirements will lead to either missing out on attaching essential documents during your application submission or completely forgetting about a critical requirement.

Another mistake related to the checklist is not reviewing if the list you are following contains the updated requirements of the country you are planning to visit. Remember that every country has its set of rules and visa requirements. Before you check through your list, make sure that every item is accurate to what the government or state is requiring. 

Any missing documents you have can make your application “incomplete,” so always cross-check all the information you need to submit before applying for the visa.

#3. Prepare Your Certified Bank Statements

Some countries will require their visa applicants to provide their duly attested copies of bank statements. The majority of travellers know this common requirement already, but a lot of them still forget to prepare. This document is essential for reflecting your financial capacity for travel as well as your credit status. 

#4. Making Last-Minute Application

As mentioned, each country follows different processes and procedures. They also have defined turnaround times for processing a visa application. This schedule also changes depending on peak seasons. The majority of travellers settle for last-minute visa applications. Besides having less time for checking your application documents, this can also affect your visa application’s approval time, especially when there are unforeseen delays. 

Most countries allow visa applications up to 90 days before the date of your travel. Consider giving yourself a time allowance to have enough time in case you need to deal with any problems you may encounter.

#5. Inaccurate Sponsor Details

Sponsor details help the officials understand how your support system in the country you will travel to works, making it a crucial part of the visa decision process. That is why you need to ensure you fill it with the correct information and attach your relevant sponsorship documents for a smooth approval. 


Some of the common problems encountered by many visa applicants are missing documents, incorrect or mismatched information and tight application deadlines. Now that you are aware of these common mistakes, make sure you have the complete paper works with matching and accurate information, and you apply for a visa as early as you can to make sure you get the approval you need. 

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