Safest Destinations to Travel to in the New Normal

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The global pandemic that plagued the world in 2020 forced everyone indoors to retreat from the unseen enemy that was the COVID-19 virus. Everything from office work, school, and even family vacations were put on hold as experts scrambled to find a viable vaccine that will protect the world against the deadly virus.

Now that vaccines are coming out, the world’s restrictions on travel have slowly (but surely) been loosening. Much of the world has reopened their doors and are starting to welcome tourists again in the new normal situation. However, no matter how the travel restrictions have opened up, it still pays to be cautious when it comes to social and physical distancing as well as proper hygiene protocols. 

Safest Destinations to Travel to in the New Normal

If you are looking to plan a trip for you and your family to stretch your legs and get rid of the cabin fever you had been feeling during the pandemic, travel experts say that it may be a better decision to visit a place that was not too popular pre-pandemic. Here is a list of the best tourist destinations to visit in the new normal.

1 – Madeira Islands, Portugal

These islands in Portugal hold the title of the safest travel destination in Europe. The government of this small archipelago made sure to implement strict protocols even before any severe outbreaks happened, this is why there have only been a handful of COVID-19 cases seen on the islands. 

This destination is well known for its beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. The scenery you will be able to get here while on holiday will be unlike any other travel destination in Europe.

2 – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monte Carlo has always been a playground for the rich and famous. This French region has only seen 21 deaths since the pandemic began. At the time of this writing, the luxurious casinos of this region are still closed and there is a mandatory curfew from 7 pm to 6 am, but you can always enjoy a holiday on one of their stunning beaches. 

3 – Martinique, Lesser Antilles

After staring at the walls of your home for the duration of the lockdown, some much-needed vitamin D will benefit everyone. Enjoy refreshing nature trips like hiking and swimming with turtles when you visit this destination that offers recreational activities related to the sun, sea, and sand.

4 – Assos – Kefalonia Island, Greece

This destination can offer a holiday full of delicious cuisine, beautiful landscapes, and a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, the government of Greece requires visitors to first secure a vaccination certificate to be able to enter the country’s borders.


The locations that have been mentioned above may be hauled as some of the safest places on earth when it comes to COVID-19, it still pays to be careful when you travel. It is a good idea to do your research and read up on the virus prevention protocols in the destination that you choose to travel to. This will allow you to prepare yourself as to what you should expect from the place as well as get everything you need to comply and respect the protocols set by the local government in the destination you visit.

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