Reasons Why Should You Go to India on Your Next Vacation

taj mahal

Are you planning a vacation and don’t have a city or country in mind yet? If yes, make India your next vacation destination! Whether your vacation is for your honeymoon, a holiday with family or friends or even just for exploring on your own, India is the perfect place to be. 

To give you an idea of why India is such a worthy choice for your next vacation, check out these reasons:

1. You’ll Get to Taste Good Food in Gali Paranthe (Delhi)

A perfect vacation destination should have good food. Food is only one of the reasons why visiting India is worth it. The country offers a wide range of food options that can satisfy your palette in many different ways. 

Also, you don’t have to tire yourself looking for their best foods. You can just go to the Gali Paranthe (Delhi) in the Chondhni Chowk market in Old Delhi, their famous food lane. You can find plenty of well-known eateries which all claim to be the best and the most original. Your only problem is how you can fit all the delicious food in your stomach once you’re there. 

2. The Country Offers Good Value

You don’t have to worry about accommodation, transportation and food when you come to India. The country will offer you relatively inexpensive accommodations, including ashrams, spas, boutique hotels, hostels, destination spas, guest houses and more. 

You also don’t have to worry about transportation because getting around the country can be done via a very affordable train ride. Of course, we already mentioned Gali Paranthe, their famous food lane, so food shouldn’t be a problem as well. 

Overall, India can offer you great value since you don’t have to spend that much compared to other countries. 

3. You Can See the Beauty of the Most Picturesque Sports Venue in the World

If you’re a fan of cricket sports, India is the perfect place to visit. Cricket is a national obsession in India. Their most picturesque sports venue in the world, which is the HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala, even hosts many cricket matches. 

Want to witness the venue come alive? Research beforehand if there’s a scheduled game in the venue during your visit so that you can take a tour inside. 

4. You’ll Get to See the World’s Most Famous Building

Of course, who’s not familiar with the Taj Mahal? It’s probably the most recognisable building in the world and is even included in the Seven Wonders of the World list. You’ll be mesmerised by its immense beauty because you can really see India’s rich history in it. Take advantage of the excellent view and pose for a photo worthy for the ‘gram!


India is truly a remarkable destination, perfect for a vacation with your significant other, friends or family. However, before you can see the wonders of India and experience these magnificent attractions, food and culture, you need to secure your Visa. This way, you can enter India freely and enjoy everything that India has to offer ultimately. 

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