Passport & Visa Details You Need to Know When Visiting Myanmar

Bagan Myanmar

If you are looking for a country to visit in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is one destination you should not miss. It is a country known for its beautiful landscapes, jungles, beaches and Buddhist temples. The land and people are rich in culture, history and tradition.  

Are you planning on visiting Myanmar once the coronavirus chaos is over? Here is everything you need to know about passports and visas for Myanmar. 

Myanmar Passport and Visa Application Details

Passport Requirements for British Visitors

If you are a British citizen planning to visit Myanmar soon, you need to ensure that you have a valid 10-year passport. It should not expire within six months on the date of your first day stepping into the country. It is a strict requirement from the Myanmar government that you need to comply with. Make sure to double-check your passport information before proceeding with the process. 

Note: If you are coming from Great Britain but do not possess a British passport, we recommend you call the Myanmar Embassy and inquire about the regulations applicable to your case. 

Visa Requirements for British Passport Holders

Like in other countries, you would need to apply for a visa before entering the vicinity of Myanmar. You have two options of where you can apply for one. 

If you are in London, you can visit the Myanmar Embassy and personally apply for a visa. You can also send a post-application to the Embassy if you prefer a physical copy submission for your requirements. The other option is to apply online, which is best if you live far or do not want to leave the house. 

Here is what you should expect from the two options:

Option 1: Visa Application From the Embassy

  • Get an application form from the Embassy and fill it out
  • Submit it along with these requirements:
    • Two passport-size photos
    • Visa fee (cash if you are applying in person; cheque or postal order if you are applying via post)
    • Self-addressed stamped envelope (if you are making postal applications)
  • Make sure to bring your valid passport

Note: If you are applying via post, send it to Myanmar Embassy’s address: Myanmar Embassy, 19A Charles Street. London W1J 5DX

Option 2: Online Visa Application

Visit Myanmar’s eVisa system. Simply follow the instructions given, and your application will be processed after. Prepare a soft copy of your passport-size ID photo, which you would need to upload, and a credit card to pay for your visa fee. 

Health Requirements

Myanmar is not specific regarding vaccination requirements unless you are coming from countries in the Yellow Fever zone. But as a responsible traveller and to protect yourself as well, make sure you are updated with vaccinations before entering this country.

These are some of the vaccines that you should at least have:

  • Measles
  • Polio
  • Routine vaccines
  • Malaria
  • Hepatitis A
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rabies
  • Yellow Fever


Visiting Myanmar would give you wonderful memories to treasure for a lifetime. Their simple lifestyle, affordable and delicious food and beautiful natural sights are enough to make you fall in love with this ancient land. Make sure that you follow all health protocols to ensure safe and healthy travel.

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