Passport Applications

It is advisable that all passports have at least 6 months validity left to run before departure. Some visas are valid for six months & if you do not have this period available on your passport, or it is damaged, it could result in a visa or flight refusal.

UK British Passport Applications

Passport Renewal

Need to renew your passport fast? Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services Limited can renew your British passport in a day.

2nd Passport / 2nd Renewal

Do you have a busy schedule? Get a second passport to travel on whilst your first passport is in the uk obtaining your visa

Lost / Stolen Passport

If you have lost or had your passport stolen, Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services Limited can help you obtain a replacement within one week

Your Passport In 3 Easy Steps


Download the required passport application form.

Fill In The Form

Print out and begin filling in the form with a black pen.

Send It Back To Us

Send the application back to Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services

What To Include In Your Application

1. A completed passport application form

Cross out any mistakes. Do not use correction fluid. If you make more than three mistakes on any line or do not provide a clear signature in section 9, you will need to fill in a new form.

2. Two passport photographs

The photos should be recent, good quality, identical and (35mm x 45mm) taken against a LIGHT GREY background. If you cannot get a photo yourself then we can print them for you from a digital file. Simply email us a clear photo of the applicant or upload them here (link to the upload photo page) and we can process them for a £5 fee.

3. Your current passport

Your existing passport must be undamaged to apply for a renewal at the same day service. This passport will be then cancelled.
A cancelled passport has the top right-hand corner of the cover cut off and will be returned to you together with the new passport.

4. Authorization letter

A signed authorisation letter giving permission to Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services to renew your passport on your behalf.

5. Any additional documents

More information needed when applying for:
– British national (overseas) passport 
– A British protected person passport 
– British subject passport
– When you claim the British nationality based on your parents’ crown or community Service
– You want to add a title in your passport
– You are changing the gender mentioned in your passport

Frequently Asked Questions

A counter signatory is someone who can confirm your identity. They need to confirm that, to the best of their knowledge, the details you have given in your application are correct that the person on the photograph is you.

– For child applications (aged under 16) it is also to confirm that the adult signing the declaration in section 9 of the application, knows the child for at least 2 years. They must also confirm that the person has parental responsibility for the child and confirm the child’s photo is genuine.

– The counter signatory must be a professional person (including those who are retired) for example, bank or building-society officials, police officers, civil servants, ministers of religion and people with professional qualifications like teachers, accountants, engineers and solicitors.

– The counter signatory needs to read through the completed application form to make sure the information is accurate in section 10 of the form giving their passport number and then sign in the box.

– Give their full address and contact details. This can be a business address or home address, but they should be able to be contacted at the same address.

– For an adult application, ‘certify’ one (not both) of your photographs – signing and dating one of the photographs as shown in the example below.

– For a child application number 16, this is to confirm that they have known the adult who signed the declaration in section 9 of the application form, for at least two years. They must certify the photograph (giving the child’s full name), signing and dating as shown in the example below, and

– put their initials next to any mistakes they may make in section 10.

The counter signatory must not:

– Be related to you by birth or marriage (including in-laws or partners of family members)

– Be in a personal relationship with you

– Live at your address, or

– Work for HM passport office.

Your old passport will be cancelled. A cancelled passport has the top right-hand corner of the cover cut off and will be returned to you with the new passport.
Your new passport will be valid for 10 years if is an adult passport or for 5 years for a child’s passport.
Yes, unless HMPO deem the old passport to be damaged. Your old passport will be cancelled and this is usually indicated by one of the corners being snipped. Please be aware that any valid visas in the old passport will be void once the passport has been cancelled.


Second passport applications will not have their current passport cancelled and both valid books will be returned to the applicant at the end of the process.