While every effort is made to provide accurate information within our website, information and requirements for visas, passports and prices are constantly changing and there may be a delay before we are advised of such changes by the Embassy/Consulate. We are therefore unable to guarantee complete accuracy at all times. Information, processing times and charges supplied are solely for guidance purposes only and cannot be guaranteed. We will not accept responsibility nor liability for documents produced by any third party.

We are a visa agent and not an embassy. We check your documentation, submit your request to the respective embassy and collect the document when ready. We are not able to make any decisions regarding your application and all immigration regulations for all countries must be adhered to. We will advise on requirements based on our most recent experience and current regulation. These can change on a daily basis. All embassies reserve the right to request additional documents or your personal attendance at any time.

We recommend that all visas are obtained and checked before travel to avoid refusal of entry or delays in the country of your destination. Where information for visas UPON arrival is given, we always recommend confirmation of this information with the airline and/or Consulate prior to travel. Travel arrangements should not be confirmed prior to your visa being issued unless it is a specific requirement for the issuance of the visa and in such cases refundable arrangements should be made in cases of error, rejection or delay through a reputable insurance company or your operator.

Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services has a sole purpose of service to apply for & collect your legal document with a respective governing office and is not connected to any personal choices in bookings of any means whatsoever. All Embassies/Consulates & Governing offices reserve the right to decide how or if your visa is issued and if additional paperwork is required and you are not entitled to the document being requested. Issuance is at the sole discretion of the Governing office being applied. 

Cancellation charges are payable for all customers who cancel the ordered service once your passport has been received regardless of if your visa has been issued or not.
 In some situations, additional embassy or service charges will apply. Whilst we will take every step to notify you of this, if this is impossible and it results in the delay of a service we will assume that the additional charge is accepted and expect all customers to comply. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your visa and the charges incurred will not be refunded.

Where authorisations/invitations are required for a visa, Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services do not accept responsibility should the dates on your authorisation/invitation differ to that on your application form or if your visa is issued incorrectly. Authorisations/invitation remain the customers responsibility at all times and, if issued incorrectly, we advise you to contact the issuer of the authorisation/invitation.

Travcour Visa & Legalisation Services is responsible only for applying for your visa upon your instructions with correct documentation. It remains your own responsibility to supply & complete all forms correctly and to check your documents on receipt.