India reopens; latest Indian Tourism Visa news

Holidays and family visits to India can start again, following an announcement that the application process for Indian Tourist Visas is to be reopened.

This is great news for many families and friends separated by the Pandemic and its lengthy travel restrictions. As well as anyone hoping to visit this colourful, vibrant and culture-rich country.

The announcement is also an important milestone for the tourism industry there, as in 2019 India welcomed over 10.93 million foreign visitors.

Before booking holidays or family visits from the UK to India though, it is important to know how to get a tourist visa for India, especially as the lifting of restrictions is in two stages.

Why did India Tourist Visas stop then start again?

It’s been a long 18 months since India put a temporary halt on tourist visa applications, as part of Global travel restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19

However, as the pandemic is now under better control in large parts of the world, The Ministry of Home Affairs in India has announced that the country is lifting its blanket tourist visa ban. This will be done in two phases.

From 15th October, you can make a visa application to travel to India on a chartered flight.

However, tourist visas to India when you intend to use commercial airlines will only reopen from 15th November.

Keep in mind that the Government has taken this measured approach of allowing fresh tourism visa applications to India in two stages, to see what effect it has on infection levels in the country. Tourism Secretary Arvind Singh has been quoted in the media, saying “We are planning for a phase-wise reopening of tourist visas for various countries. But it all depends on how things pan out for the first month.”

Indian Tourism Visa news
It’s been a long 18 months since India put a temporary halt on tourist visa applications, as part of Global travel restrictions to slow the spread of COVID-19

Other important India-UK travel insights

The news that tourism visas will be granted again follows on from a gradual return to normal if you need a business, diplomatic, and student travel visa for India. Specialist visa company Travcour VLS Ltd has been successfully processing that sort of vital India travel documentation for some time.

Also, the news that Indian Tourist Visas are reopening came around the same time as travel restrictions from a UK point of view eased off.

A major step forward for travel between India and the UK was announced by the British Government. They said that from 11th October fully vaccinated Indians would be welcome here (as long as they’ve had a UK-approved vaccine) without the need for quarantine periods or entry testing.

This has made travel between the two countries far simpler, following a period of controversy and confusion.

However, it is still important to check both inbound and outbound vaccination requirements for travel from India to the UK, and the UK to India, as the situation is constantly updating. You can check vaccination, testing and other India entry requirements on the UK Government website.

Also, for peace of mind when making a tourist visa application, it’s recommended that you use a specialist in tourism visas for India.

Do you always need a tourist visa for India?

If you are not travelling to India for business or education, then it is classified as a ‘leisure’ visit, and you must know how to apply for a tourist visa to travel to this country. The requirement to get a tourist visa for leisure trips to India has been in place for some years and in recent times that has included an India e-Visa (Electronic Visa).

Fortunately, with help from a UK visa application specialist, it has previously been a relatively stress-free, quick and streamlined process to obtain a visa for visits to India.

How quickly can you get a tourist visa for India now?

The halting of visa applications was a response to the pandemic, and as India relies heavily on tourism, it is hoped that the application process will get back to normal quickly, now the restrictions are lifting.

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How quickly can you get a tourist visa
How to apply for an Indian Travel Visa

If the fact that India is reopening its travel borders is good news for you, then you may now want to know where to make a visa application for India before you book a seat on either a chartered or commercial flight.

This is something Travcour VLS Ltd is delighted to help you with. Especially as we make it easy to apply for an Indian Travel Visa online.

You simply download the India Tourist Visa Documentation here, fill in the application form, and send it to our specialist team. We then check your visa application is correct and submit it on your behalf.

This can be a quick way to secure a leisure visa for India – including an e-Visa for holidays and family visits – as it avoids issues with securing the correct application form, or mistakes with your tourist visa submission.

Travcour VLS Ltd is a London-based visa specialist and can also help with other travel and passport applications. Our in-depth knowledge means we have a 100% success rate when submitting visa and legislation applications to enable international holidays, family visits or business trips.