Everything You Need to Know About Traveling to UAE


British Airways, Emirates and Etihad all require that anyone travelling to the UAE must check with their airline before they leave the UK whether they need a Covid-19 entry visa. UK residents can find this information on BA, EK and EY websites, as well as a list of all countries that may need a Covid-19 for entry to the UAE.

New Covid-19 Requirements

Effective on February 26, people entering the UAE do not need to take a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 if they have been fully vaccinated, or:

  • They hold a certificate of recovery from the disease within 30 days of departure.
  • They are under the age of 16 for arrivals in Abu Dhabi or under the age of 12 for arrivals in Dubai. (Residents and tourists from the UK still need to present their certificates and test results for Covid-19 upon arrival in the UAE.)
  • They have severe disabilities.

People entering the UAE may be required to take a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 on arrival and people arriving in Dubai will have to quarantine themselves until the test results are processed.

What To Do If You Test Positive for Covid-19

If you visit the UAE before you complete your Covid-19 vaccination series and the vaccine turns out to be not effective, the UAE authorities will hold you in quarantine for up to 10 days while they wait for the vaccine to become effective. You must have shots on the following schedule:

If You Are Visiting Dubai

If you are visiting Dubai and you are not eligible for the visa exemption, you do not need to worry about your Covid-19 vaccination.

You can get the vaccination at a Dubai hospital and when you arrive in Dubai to process your entry visa. You can submit your vaccine certificate and visa application to the Dubai Health Authority.

If You Are Visiting Abu Dhabi

Some passengers are required to take a test for contagious viruses in order to travel to Dubai. The test is conducted via a swab on the mouth and/or nose.

If You Are Travelling on a Cruise Ship

If you plan to travel on a cruise that will visit the United Arab Emirates, make sure you contact your travel company to confirm whether you need to get a Covid-19 PCR test.

General Travelling Tips

1) Make Sure You Have Your Travel Documents

The only way you can enter the UAE is with a valid passport. You will also need an approved UAE visa or one of the travel waivers. The waiver requires that you have a UK, US or European Union passport.

Travellers who are not eligible for the waiver must have a valid visa to enter the UAE. The waiver can be applied for at the country of origin and is only granted on the day of arrival.

2) Get Your Visas Ready

Plan your trip well in advance. You must have a valid visa. Your visa application should be filled out completely with all required information and submitted well before you intend to enter the UAE. The longer you wait to apply, the more difficult it will be to obtain a visa in time.

Final Thoughts

The United Arab Emirates is a stunning country with so much to see and do. If you are planning a trip, make sure you visit a  health authority in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for the Covid-19 and make sure you get your visa in time.

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