4 Things You Need to Know Before Applying for a Chad Visa


Backpacking around the continent of Africa and seeing some of its most breathtaking tourist attractions is a dream come true for a lot of people. The Sahara desert alone is enough reason for any globetrotter to take a trip to Africa. Of all the countries in the content, the land of Chad perhaps is the least you’d expect to pop up in your tourist recommendations. 

The Republic of Chad is considered the soul of the Sahara and is bordered by sand in almost all directions. The timeless beauty of the Sahara is yours to explore in Chad—however, travelling there is not for the faint of heart. Individuals seeking a real adventure, on the other hand, will find Chad to be the perfect destination. 

The country has been listed as one of the countries where the chances of getting a Visa approved is not as easy as you might think. If you’re planning to visit the country, here are some tips you might find useful when applying for a Chad Visa.

Strict Visa Requirements

Getting a Chad Visa can be a long and arduous process for most people. They have strict Visa requirements, and they’re very particular about it! 

Other than your passport, there are several documents you need to prepare and submit to the Chadian Embassy. For British nationals, however, there is no need to obtain a transit Visa for 48 hours, if you meet several criteria. If you fail to meet those requirements, a tourist Visa is your next option.

Vaccination Certificates Required

One of the requirements needed is to submit a vaccination certificate before being allowed to travel to the country. Like most South American and African countries, travellers are at risk for yellow fever infections. As a security and health measure, you are required to have yellow fever immunisations and to submit a copy of the international vaccination certificate.

Visa Agencies Are Your Best Option

If you want to eliminate some of the hassle associated with a Chad Visa application, you need to get a good agency like Travcour. Hiring an agency will make submission of documents so much easier. 

While it is possible to apply directly to the Embassy of Chad, you’ll have a hard time following up or returning for your appointment. The nearest Chadian Embassy is in Paris, located at the Rue des Belles Feuilles.

Mind the Travel Restrictions

Certain locations in the country are not exactly tourist-friendly, while some are just entirely off-limits to foreign nationals. Anyone who plans to visit Chad should do enough research on which places to avoid altogether. 

Security in the country is volatile, and you should avoid large public gatherings as protests can quickly turn violent. Stick to the desert attractions and enjoy the raw and beautiful landscapes in the Sahara desert or the Ennedi Mountains.


The country of Chad can be both beautiful and unforgiving. Its breathtaking landscapes and wild regions are perfect for adventure-seekers. Some regions, however, are not meant to be visited at all. Applying for a Visa is possible but challenging, so be prepared and do tons of research to smoothen the entire process.

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